Welcome to HiLASE RP4 !

RP4: Research Program 4, Scientific Applications at HiLASE Centre.

RP4 is a dynamic research group led by Prof. Nadezhda M. Bulgakova, and hosted by the HiLASE Centre, located in Dolni Brezany, a small town located close to Prague, Czech Republic.  Our research activities are aiming at describing the physics and chemistry of the laser energy absorption by various materials in the regime of modification, and at using this knowledge to develop novel applications using the intense laser energy available at HiLASE centre.

Several directions of research are ongoing:

— Materials modification by laser (surface modification, bulk modification, nanoparticles generation, …)

— Laser irradiation for biological applications (anti-bacteriological surfaces, biological tissues irradiation, …)

— Plasmonics (theory and applications)

— Modeling of the interaction of ultrashort laser pulses with matter (modeling of laser light propagation, energy balance modeling, stress generation, quantum modeling, plasmonics, …)